The Official Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Certification Business Program
Dear Future Certified Partner, 

I’m not going to try to sell you on this.

Sure, I could probably convince a ton of people to apply and join our Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Certification Program, afterall who wouldn't want to know how to earn $1000 a day working only 2 days a week!!...but the fact is, if you need convincing then this isn’t for you.

With that said, I’ll just lay it on the line and let you decide for yourself…
Here’s What Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Certified Business Program Will Do For You
Component #1 
The 4 Full days Online Certification Program!
This is NOT one of those cheesy certification programs where you watch a video, take a quick quiz and you’re magically certified. Because your future clients put so much trust in us, our certification is a REAL program that takes work, and that you can feel proud of.
We start at the very basics so you can master the entire system all the way from setting up your office to finding clients, getting them to pay you high ticket prices for your service and successfully helping them quit cigarettes in just 60 minutes.
Take a look at what you’ll learn during the 4 day online program:
Each Day we cover the 3 parts of the business. In the morning we cover the marketing system.
Now some of you may think the actual quit session is the most important part.
However if you don't have a client then it really doesn't matter how good you are at doing the actual session because you wont have any clients unless you get good at marketing. the good news is we give you 12 different marketing systems and you can use any you like that both fit your style and personality.
The 2nd part of the day we cover practice management, which is the nuts and bolts of running your business.
The 3rd part of the day we cover the actual 60 minute session. this is actually the easiest part of the training because if you can read you can do this part.
Component #2 
Full 6 Months Support From The QC Academy Team!
After you finish the online certification program, you will have full support from our trained coaches for a full 6 months to help in the unlikely event you are unsure about something Because you are supported by the QC Academy team! You’ll have a chance to learn in a perfect environment without fear of rejection, at the same time perfecting your skills!
As a fully certified specialist, we need to make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything that QC Academy has to offer. We can’t have you just seeing clients not having a full understanding of how you are able to help them. We need to make you bullet proof!
Component #3 
Added To Our Official Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist Directory!
We currently get requests each day for people that are looking for a Quit specialist in their area. Until recently, we haven’t been able to point those people into any specific direction. Because of that, many of those people have had to search other places to get help to quit cigarettes.
Most systems that are available to people are costing them a fortune and the success rate is very low.  There for because this system, the system your applying to become a specialist in really works our specialists are able to charge between $500 and $900 for one session.....on the high end to help them quit cigarettes.

All leads that we receive are directed to our certified specialist directory. 

As you can see just 20 clients you get from our directory can more then pay the costs for the entire certification program (and then every client you get after that is PURE PROFIT!) We fully expect that as our client base and the market place continues to grow, so will the number of referrals you get from us. Yes, this is like a gift that keeps on giving!
Component #4 
Stay On Top Of Your Game!
This certification program is not one where you get certified once and then you never hear from us again. Each month we will be doing continuing education for our certified members to keep them at the top of the game. On top of that, any time you feel the need to go over any part of your training you have access to the training website for life. 
Here’s What QC Academy Certified Partner Program Will Do For You
If You're An Individual...
This certification program will set you apart from the pack. Everyone is popping up as “Natural Therapists” – but very few are (or will be) certified directly from The QC Academy.

This certification program will 10X your skill set in: Helping People Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes
Sales & Marketing, Conversions & much more. These skills will make you more valuable to YOURSELF and to your clients!

Plus – it’s the ONLY way to get listed in our official directory and get access to the inquiries we get EVERY DAY!

This program will give you the ability to choose your own hours, set your own rules and completely take control of your life and the direction YOU want it to go.

So, if you want to:

  •  Enhance your career (or start a new one)
  •  Master the latest and greatest skills in NLP and Hypnotheropy…
  •  Expand your skill set, distance yourself from    your competition and jump to a higher pay grade…
Then this certification program is for you!
If You're A Business Owner...
… then maybe YOU don’t need this certification program.

But what about YOUR TEAM? Do you know for a fact that they’re up to speed on all of the latest and greatest funnel conversion tactics?

If you’re not sure, and you’d like ME to train them, then you need to sign up for our certification program.

You’ve seen that top specialists charge $900 PER SESSION… imagine if you can turn up to 5 people on your team into Quit Specialists, and you can make that money each time!

Or, add Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes as a new service you offer your clients, and instantly add a brand new income stream into your company!

So, if you want to:

  •  Train up to 5 People on YOUR team
  •  Add Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes as a new service you offer your clients
  •  Get priority phone support and get access to all of the other bonuses!
Then this certification program is for you!
Yes, we know that the cost of certification is just a FRACTION of what you’ll make from just a FEW clients, but we wanted to make this affordable to everyone who’s serious about making this a business!
Here Are Stories From Just A Few Or Our Current Certified Specialists:
Libby Is A Quit Specialist Wife
Irene $900 A Session
Dave $500K 
Tony The Full Timer
Here’s What To Do Next
If you know that the certification program is for you, then please fill out the pre-application form and someone from our team will contact you get your questions answered to see if you'd be a good fit and become one of our new Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialists!
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