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Before I founded Quantum Change Seminars I studied Arts/Law at the University of Wollongong, NSW.  I also studied acting in Sydney with 2 full Scholarships.

I then embarked on a “four year apprentice- ship” with my Dad, George Faddoul, my biggest mentor, and this time allowed me to learn the ropes of the personal development industry. After this time I told my Dad I was ready to do my own thing, which he supported 100%.

In 2005, I founded Quantum Change Seminars … and as they say the rest is history!

QC Seminars Paves The Way For The QC Academy
Since founding QC Seminars back in 2005, I have really been able to make my mark in what was traditionally a very male dominated industry.
The company’s NLP Scholarship has truly been REVOLUTIONARY and it has helped us pave the way to success.

QC Seminars operates training seminars and events across Australia and internationally. We really are an innovative company that has managed to shake up an industry that had been stagnant for over 30 years. We have created a ripple effect in the community which has helped people make a Quantum Change in their lives.

After many very succesful years on running live NLP Personal growth & Bussiness development Seminars, i've decided it's time to embark on a new adventure...and so The QC Acaedmy was born! I truly hope you enjoy my online learning platform as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.
City Of Sydney Business Awards Gala Dinner, The Westin
The 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards Gala Dinner was a great night, held in the ballroom of the Westin, champagne flowed freely as fellow finalists chatted and the winners were announced. Roberta was proud to represent Quantum Change Seminars and her fabulous team, who were finalists among some of the best and brightest companies in Sydney.

 Although we didn’t win, we were delighted to be there on the night and congratulate all the winners. Roberta spoke with Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney and also Lisa Wilkinson, presenter on Today, Network Nine.
Roberta at the 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards Media Wall
Roberta and Lisa Wilkinson, Presenter on Today, Nine Network
Roberta and Clover Moore, MP Lord Mayor of Sydney
St Mary’s Star of Sea Marian Newsletter
St Mary’s Star of Sea Marian Newsletter features Roberta Faddoul as one of it’s esteemed former students.
Thank You Loyal Wollongong Supporters
Roberta takes the opportunity to thank all her loyal Wollongong supporters, announcing that QC made it to the finals of the
City of Sydney Business Awards.
Illawarra Mercury profiles QC in upcoming City of Sydney Business Awards
Roberta and QC Seminars started out in Wollongong….so any chance she gets to talk about QC she relishes!
ABC radio Interview with Nick Reinberger
Roberta was recently interviewed by popular presenter Nick Reinberger, they discussed the City of Sydney Business Awards and Quantum Change Seminars recent success and listing in BRW in 2009 and 2010. Listen to the clip here (arrow)
A New Contender for PM
Who would make the best PM? Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott or Roberta Faddoul? Roberta is so passionate about giving people the tools to improve their lives she is stepping up to the challenge and is giving her $4000 NLP Training Certification for only $97. Vote 1 Roberta Faddoul!!!
ACA interview Roberta as NLP Expert
Roberta Faddoul on 2UE Radio With Tim Webster
SYN Radio Interview
Since last week Roberta has been busy doing a string of media interviews.
 Here is a video of her interview with SYN Radio. Syn Lee is producer and Megan is the DJ.
QC Seminars in the Northern Leader
Female entrepreneurs are flying under the radar
Only six companies founded by women made it into BRW’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2009. One of the reasons women are so under-represented is that fewer women enter the prestigious business awards. As a group, women tend to downplay their achievements and are reluctant to step forward and claim the credit when they do perform well. But is it just a lack of confidence, or are female entrepreneurs flying under the radar?
According to this year’s youngest and highest ranking female entrepreneur in BRW’s Fast 100, Roberta Faddoul (pictured), female entrepreneurs are achieving much more than we realise, it’s just that many women are accumulating their successes under the radar of the wider business community and the press.
Roberta told Australian Women Online, “I was a little bit disappointed that BRW didn’t really recognise the 6 women out of the 100. There are some phenomenal women in that group who have been in business a lot longer than myself. It would have been nice if BRW had printed something about us. It was a bit weird because I was flicking through the magazine and there are only 3 images of women in the whole magazine and two them were ads.”
A Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguist Programming (NLP), Robert Faddoul and her company, Quantum Change Seminars, have coached thousands of people to achieve their dreams. Roberta says most of the people who attend their seminars in Wollongong and Sydney are women.
“We are a seminar company providing personal development programs and we also teach wealth creation strategies and programs for business. We teach marketing skills and how to run your own business and when I look out into the audience, I would say 75 – 80% are women.”
As to why successful women are in such short supply in corporate Australia, Roberta says this is a tough question to answer.
“I think women take time out from their career to raise children and then come back when their children are older. I haven’t had children yet but I know it’s a full-time job being a mum. My mum is one of my biggest role models, she raised four daughters and she was always there for us,” she said.
“Work/life balance has become such a big issue. Having that right balance of a career or a business, and also having time to look after yourself, and having time with family and friends, is important to everyone. It’s definitely a balancing act.”
Roberta Faddoul’s company managed to rank 42nd out of 100 in BRW’s Fastest Growing Companies list, after only four years in business. In its first year Quantum Change Seminars turned over in excess of half a million dollars and it has since grown by a massive 440%. However, BRW would never have known this had she not entered the BRW Fastest Growing Company awards.
“Our core teachings are NLP which is all about mindset and how you can live the life you want. NLP is about getting the best out of life and we have people from all walks of life who come and take the program. The most famous trainer of NLP is Anthony Robbins. I really look up to Tony because he made NLP more accessible to people in the wider community.”
Now aged 32, Roberta Faddoul was exposed to NLP from a young age and is a true believer. After high school she studied law at university and then tried acting in Sydney for a couple of years, before returning to Wollongong to work with her dad, an NLP Trainer.
“I worked with my dad for five years and then four years ago, I told my dad I was ready to go and do my own thing and he supported me one hundred percent. My dad now works for the company as a trainer. I’m very blessed to have the support of my family. When I started my business, it was in my living room with my sisters and friends pitching in. It’s been a wonderful journey,” she said.
Roberta says the key to her company’s success is by making an expensive product affordable, Quantum Change Seminars has built a loyal following of NLP practitioners who keep coming back for ongoing professional development and training.
Roberta's Inteview with 2UE954
“Traditionally NLP trainers charged in excess of $4,000 for the minimum NLP qualifications. By giving people free entry level NLP tuition, we have seen a wonderful ripple effect in the community. We have built a strong brand by giving people in Wollongong and Sydney a total of $7.2 million in NLP education for free.”
“Our whole philosophy at QC Seminars is that we are a family business and we make our students feel like they’re apart of the family too. We keep in touch with our students and people do keep coming back to do other programs with us as well. We’ve got some great success stories.”
Roberta Faddoul’s 5 keys to success are:
1. Find a mentor – Her mentors include her father George Faddoul, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and Madonna.
2. Do what you love – be inspired and the money will flow.
3. Write down your goals – DREAM BIG – know where you are going – you’ll figure out the HOW, if your WHY is BIG enough.
4. Be innovative – think outside the box- better still reinvent the box.
5. Invest in yourself – go to the seminars, buy products, read the books, keep up with technology, cutting edge – in the next 5 yrs the biggest difference to where you are now and where you want to be will be the books you read, the people you meet and the seminars you take.
When I asked Roberta why Madonna is one of her mentors she said, “When I was young she was my first role model and Madonna is such a successful business woman as well. She is the queen of re-invention and I admire that and I think that’s one of the things that I’ve taken on with my own business – doing things differently to everyone else in my industry.”
“So many people just look at their competitors and what they are doing. I actually don’t look at my competitors in my own industry, I look to be inspired by people in other industries. People tell you to look outside the box but I like to reinvent the box and do something completely different. I think that’s one of the keys to our success as a young company. We wanted to stand out and be different to everyone else.”
“I also believe that education doesn’t stop at high school or university – it should be a lifelong endeavour. Whether it’s reading books or attending seminars, the more that we enrich ourselves with knowledge, the more rewarding our journey will be.”
For more information about Roberta Faddoul and Quantum Change Seminars visit the website
Roberta's star on rise
WOLLONGONG businesswoman Roberta Faddoul is celebrating making BRW magazine's list of the fastest-growing companies in Australia for the second year in a row.
Last year, she came in at 42 in the BRW Fast 100 and was the youngest and highest-placed woman.
Last Friday, as the guest speaker at Illawarra Women in Businesses networking lunch, she shared her story and some of the secrets to her incredible success.
Ms Faddoul is the founder and chief executive of Quantum Change Seminars, a training company that specialises in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).
The former St Mary Star of the Sea student is constantly travelling in her job but is looking for a new home in Wollongong where her business success all started at eight when she used to wash cars near her family's home overlooking Wollongong Harbour.
She earned more income working in a beachside kiosk at 11 before spending a year at a boarding school in the French Riviera, where she completed the international equivalent of Year 11.
 She then returned to Australia with her family after declining preliminary offers from prestigious Ivy League universities, including Harvard, Yale and Cambridge.
He mentor and inspiration was her father George Faddoul, who owned car dealerships at the time. Ms Faddoul studied law at the University of Wollongong before entering into a personal development and family seminar business launched by her father.
Ms Faddoul, 34, has come a long way since presenting her first seminar at White Hall in Corrimal St as a 17-year-old.
She later published the concept she developed and taught as a book, "How to Get a Bigger Bite Out of Life", which has sold more than 10,000 copies.
Ms Faddoul established Quantum Chang Seminars when she was 28 and during the last six years has rapidly grown to the point where it now runs events and seminars around the country and overseas for people wanting to learn the secret to fast-tracked success.
Quantum already holds seminars in Cairo and is about to do the same in India.

At IWIB last week, Ms Faddoul went through her seven keys to success and happiness.
Find a mentor.
Do what you love.
Write down your goals and dream big.
Be innovative.
Invest in yourself - you're worth it.
Put Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to work.
Become a master at sales and negotiation.
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