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If you had the opportunity to work only 2 days a week, and bring home $1000 a day...Would You Do It?!
In business there are a number of paths you can take…
One option is to go it alone, start from scratch and push through the whole "trial and error"  process and the other path is to model from the best.
 By best, I  mean people that have ALREADY started from scratch, pushed through endless trial and error processes, and are STILL around and very successful.

The problem is that these people don't want to share their success.

What if we told you we WILL share everyone of our successes with you?
We WILL share all of our business models with you?
We WILL share all of our marketing strategies with you?
What if we told you we would ALSO share all of the tools you need to utilise all of the above?

What if we told you we WILL share with you EVERYTHING you need to run a successful business that can earn you $1000 a day working only 2 days a week??

What then?
Freedom! That's what!!!

Imagine all of that extra time you would have to spend on doing the things
YOU REALLY want to be doing.
Some of you are not ready for this freedom and that's ok.
For those of you that ARE ready, you are going to love what we are willing to share!
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About  Working With Us
“It thought me a lot about marketing and developing a business from a completely different perspective.”
Irene R
Gosford, NSW
 How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist

"I totaled $8,000 in sales on my first night."
Kristy F
Frankston, VIC
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“It never ceases to amaze me how much value we get from QC Seminars...”
Olivia A
Perth, WA
Million Dollar Speaker system Graduate
“The additional bonus that you get from this business is that you are actually changing people's lives.”
Tim J
Toronto, Canada
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“If you put great effort into this, you're going to get great returns from it. You're going to gather what you've put into it.”
Dallas, Texas
How To Get A Bigger Bite Out Of Life Book
“In just a few years time, it allow me to earn over a 100,000 dollars a year!”
Sharon V.Z
Maidavale, WA
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
This NLP Practitioner Training has certainly given me a great WOW factor! For I now have a new path to help people and attract extra prosperity and money into my life.
It has been a very comprehensive system and the wonderful trainers have covered all bases. I feel encouraged empowered and LOVING IT! Thank you George, Jamie and Roberta!

— Murray J, Emu Plains, NSW
I am so glad I completed the Quantum Change seminars NLP Trainers Training with George Faddoul & Nick LeForce.

It has given me skills to actually put together and be a trainer of seminars. I’ve got a number of techniques to put me in the state needed to facilitate a training.

 I now know all the components of a training. There has been so much included that I have learnt it’s been amazing. Our facilitators were first class. 
— Caroline K, Ashwood, VIC
QC Seminars offer the very best in complete NLP Training from Practitioner level through Master Practitioner to NLP Trainer.

QC Seminars also offer the student a series of actual business opportunities complete with business model, marketing and skills set to immediately allow you to take your skills and apply them in the market place for great financial rewards. QC Seminars offer the complete package. 
— Peter H, Eagleby, QLD
I have learnt to apply many techniques during this NLP Practitioner Training course which have helped me to let go of a number of limiting beliefs.

I have also learnt to install positive goals and visualize a brighter future which is achievable. I feel confident to apply NLP for may others who come my way. Both George and Nick were very inspiring. 

— Rajini A, Mays Hill, NSW
I had so many “aha” moments. In the exercises we did I learnt how to present then to receive instant feedback; this allowed me to learn quickly and powerfully.
I have been presenting my own seminars for a few years now, but why reinvent the wheel when you can get it in this seminar? Saving you years of your life thus being successful and excellent in your chosen field straight away!

— Marie B, Melbourne, VIC
It is a beautiful experience!
 I have met so many wonderful people at this NLP Practitioner Training. That’s what NLP is about, having a human experience, NLP helps us realize how much more we can be , through others.

NLP is a decision. I have decided that when I go out into the world amazing things will happen. 

— Jeremy W, Brisbane, QLD
“I found lots of things I can use to make my work more effective...”
Mary A.G
Morpeth, NSW
Master Practitioner Graduate
“...I feel accelerated and the whole thing is fantastic.”
Andrew M
Wedderburn, NSW
Million Dollar Speaker Success System Graduate
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“It's the beginning of a brand new life!”
 Ann B
South Kingsville, VIC
NLP Trainers Training
It was very empowering and lots of useful information a richer way of seeing life. Nick and George are beautiful mentors.

— Peter W
This course delivers just what it promised. Comprehensive training, loads of practical experience and fun fun fun! 

— Ann B, South Kingsville, VIC
This Training Program is invaluable; it is definitely value for money

— Ravindra B, Newington, NSW

QC has given so freely of their time and knowledge.
They have shared the information I needed in an engaging and supportive manner.

The other participants in this NLP Practitioner Training also helped make this a truly successful training event.

— Greg S, Penshurst, NSW
Outstanding training! I learnt a lot myself and could see the rest of the class grow each time during the exercises.

George is a master at marketing and I loved the metaphors. I have learnt a great deal with this NLP Practitioner Training and look forward to practicing it.

— Wayne B, Brisbane, QLD
Nick LeFore and George Faddoul are two gentlemen with huge hearts and great wisdom.

This NLP Master Practitioner Training should be available in schools and then we would create a more evolved world.

— Virginia R, Dumbulk, VIC
“One thing I can tell you is that: I wish I've done Quit Cigarettes 8 years ago. This is the best package trading program of NLP...”
Tony L
Morpeth, NSW
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“Not only am I helping people make a big difference in their lives, but I'm also earning an excess of a thousand dollars every single day...”
 Clinton J .C
Surfers Paradise, QLD
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“Met so many great people and I've learnt the skills, not only for succeeding in my business but also in life.”
Narelle B
Ettalong Beach, NSW
NLP Master Practitioner Graduate
“...It's just so exciting to see my whole world expanding more as I go into these new ventures...”
Lolit W
Eagle Heights, QLD
Million Dollar Speaker Success system Graduate
“It offers you amazing tools that are connected to each other...”
Andreas S
Neutral Bay, NSW
Million Dollar Speaker Success System Graduate
“...It's so easy, you don't need to try. Essentially, this system is so good...”
 David L
Byron Bay, NSW
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“Great money - thousand dollars a day, most people think it's unrealistic. I found it under value because I'm making a lot more than that.”
Brent H
Albury, NSW
How To Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
“I hear people calling me saying: you're a miracle worker...”
Western Australia
How To Quit Cugarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist
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